55 year history of our school is bounded to the history of electro-technical company in Krompachy. The school has undergone several stages of development since its establishment.

     The most recent stage of form of school has started in 2005. This year is very significant because of new legal arrangement and change of management system of school. Primary founder of school was Košice Self-governing Region, but the economic and financial development required the need to change this situation. The new founder became private company, which continues in the development of history of electro-technical production in Krompachy. Private high vocational school SEZ Krompachy came into existence. The decision was made according to labour market needs. In that time legislative frameworks in existence of private high schools were just being prepared, so there were not specified conditions of existence of our school.

     It is needed to say, that the decision in 2005 was right and experiences we have can be motivating for other schools.

     Currently, the school provides teaching in:

The overall number of students today is 241.

     Our school is connected on concrete needs in electro-technical, production and business of founder and other business companies in the east region of Slovak Republic.

     The business environment in 1980s has applied quality management system. The founder is the holder of the certificate and experience, and since 2005 he introduced into the organization and planning of the school.

     Students have training in these companies supervised by qualified instructors. Founder´s experts can enter the preparation of school educational programs, and they also have their place in the School Board.

     Even though we are private school, students do not pay any fee. On the contrary, they are paid financial reward for productive work during their training.

     Our students know individual sites, system of work, employee care so if they decide to work in the company after graduation, they know exactly what is to expect.

     The graduates enforcement is still not sufficient, because many companies in the recent era of crisis do not adopt new employees.

We try to specify the needs by the cooperation with other business entities by expanding of courses, for example international trade and logistics.

     Here is a list of examples about the advantages of decision from 2005:

     These examples showed that the potential of founders from business is beneficial to the school and motivating for graduates. At the end of my speech I would like to mention some school activities in the area of EU funds using, which help us to improve material and technical equipment of school and professional development of teachers.

     Our school participated in many projects since 2005, for example: The Open School, Language Laboratory, Infovek, Modern School, and Leonardo da Vinci. Funds were used to purchase computer teaching techniques, application software, and electronic measurement instruments.

     School is managing information in a computer network, which is currently developing of IT necessary condition.

     The school has regular access to IT technologies; teachers and trainers create electronic lessons and use IT in project teaching. And this is also the result of superior guidance of founder SEZ Krompachy.

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